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Latitude 18 Films + Corona Extra

Featuring Bad Bunny, Snoop Dog, and Zoe Saldana.

Corona Extra – Shellphone

Corona Extra – Zoe makes three

Latitude 18 Films + Corona Refresca

Corona Refresca – Let Flavor Reign

Corona Refresca – Reina (English)

Corona Refresca – Reina (Español)

Latitude 18 Films + Pepsi Jamaica

Pepsi Jamaica – Meals Jamaica

Latitude 18 Films + Tajin

Tajin – American Table


We are open for business.

Yes! We are open for business. This global pandemic has put the world on pause, and now we are prepared to resume production safely and effectively.

It feels great to be able to go back to what we do best. We have heard the experts, we learned and implemented safety measures, and now we are prepared to entice you to come shoot with us in La Isla del Encanto, our beautiful Puerto Rico!

Let us show you a few reasons why you should considerus for your next project.


Tax Incentive Program.

Latitude 18 Films has extensive local US Domestic and international services experience in short and long format productions under P.R.’s generous 40% tax-incentive program.

We collaborate with a diverse group of accountants, auditors, and lawyers that are experts in their respective fields, to help facilitate and expedite the tax-incentive process and reimbursements.


Puerto Rico may be famous for its beaches but there is so much more to it than beautiful coastlines and blue water.

From urban to jungle, PR is the perfect mix of old and new, city and country. We have access to great, state of the art sets, studios or locations- whatever you’re looking for, there is somewhere, even within minutes of San Juan that is perfect for what you need!

Puerto Rico’s size plus its modern and world-class infrastructure optimizes transportation. We have an extensive highway system, ports all around the island, and the best airport access in the Caribbean.


We have established strong and lasting connections with several reputable casting agencies in The Island. The diverse population gives us access to all types of actors.

People from all walks of life; different looks, skills, and talents live in in PR and we can help you find them!

Equipment and crew.

State of the art technology + 
highly trained professionals.

We are able to provide the latest in world-class film equipment to our clients.

The production crew available in the island is fully bilingual, fast, professional, and really fun to work with! From DPs to PAs we can find you and your team the right people to work with on your next production.

The new normal.

Remote directing via live streaming

We have adapted to a new style of production that promotes social distancing by limiting the number of people sharing a space. We have the equipment and the trained staff necessary to produce content of any length via live streaming. This includes: effective long-distance communication tools, secure ways of data transfers, and the capability of streaming live video with minimal delay.


Puerto Rico, as a territory of the United States, has a stable political, financial, and legal system.Federal benefits, protections and services all have a presence in PR!

The U.S. Dollar is our official currency, and the crew and most commerce in the island is fully bilingual.

There is no passport required for U.S. Citizens; it’s the same as any domestic travel! Direct flights are available every day from all major U.S. cities and production centers.

Finally, all Federally-mandated labor, safety, intellectual property and banking laws apply and are enforced by the strong presence of Federal agencies on the island, i.e. FBI, OSHA, CDC, FCC, FDIC.

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